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What is my ZipCash USER Id?
How do I buy ZipCash coupons?
Where can I use ZipCash?
What do I need to use ZipCash?
What kind of mobile phone do I need to use ZipCash? Does ZipCash require any GPRS/ EDGE connectivity?
How do I start using ZipCash?
What and How do I submit the KYC documents?
How do I register for ZipCash?
Can I change my PIN?
How secure is it to transact via ZipCash?
What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
Is my PIN confidential?
How secure are the systems and processes?
Where do the charges appear?
Can I link my mobile number to more than one ZipCash Id?
Do my ZipCash coupons expire?
What if there is a dispute in the product bought or amount charged?
Can I change my Username?
What if I change my mobile number?
What if I lose my PIN?
Will I be spammed with email or messages?
Can I withdraw my ZipCash Balance?
Who do I call for any transaction queries or questions?