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What is my ZipCash USER Id?
Where can I use ZipCash?
What do I need to use ZipCash?
What kind of mobile phone do I need to use ZipCash? Does ZipCash require any GPRS/ EDGE connectivity?
How do I start using ZipCash?
What and How do I submit the KYC documents?
Can I change my PIN?
How secure is it to transact via ZipCash?
What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
Is my PIN confidential?
How secure are the systems and processes?
Where do the charges appear?
Can I link my mobile number to more than one ZipCash Id?
Do my ZipCash coupons expire?
What if there is a dispute in the product bought or amount charged?
Can I change my Username?
What if I change my mobile number?
What if I lose my PIN?
Will I be spammed with email or messages?
Who do I call for any transaction queries or questions?
What are the changes in wallet balance limits prescribed under the new RBI Master Directions on PPIs?
What are the other major changes that I should know about the new RBI Master Directions on PPIs?
FAQ for Ola Money (Powered by Zipcash)